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New Essay

13 Jul

I’ve posted a longer, more thoughtful, and more nuanced rendering of my Seoul May Day entry in the Essays section.  Enjoy!




Still Going Strong

9 Feb

I posted back in June about the Give Out Love Church and recently decided to check them out again. Their future was in doubt since the Korean government was considering closing down their ‘baby box’ operation, since the church was doing so outside the confines of adoption law. But if you visit their website here, you can see that they are still going strong. They have photos of recent deposits (what do you call a kid dropped off in a baby box, anyway?) from the month of January, so apparently the government has let them stay in business. So if you’re looking for a good deed for the Lunar New Year, shoot them a few thousand won. I guarantee you it will be put to better use than frittering away your W1000 notes buying mints from the indigents on the subway.

Wandering on Twitter

20 Jun

Much to my chagrin, I’ve gone and taken up the mark of the beast.  Yes, Autarkes is now on Twitter.  From now on, all Virtue of Wandering posts will be cross-posted on Twitter, along with other, shorter tidbits that won’t make it onto the blog.  You can find me here: @autarkes

Hope to see y’all there.

Back in Town

20 Mar

After a hiatus, I’m back. In Korea and on the blog, that is. I was never terribly regular or prolific with my posts before and that condition will probably continue as other writing projects take precedence from time to time. There’s a good chance that I’ll be updating a lot about the blog: look, title, etc. You know, make it look more professional, whatever that means.

Bottom line: I hope that if you read me before, you haven’t chucked the site from your blog feed. There is much more to come, on many different fronts.