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Unfortunate and Sublime

29 Aug

In my time here, I’ve seen quite a few humorous typos, failed attempts at puns or plays on words, or just plain absurdity when it comes to Korean efforts in English.  Here are a few pictures of the best I’ve captured on my phone camera so far.

I can see how they were trying to be clever. “Rap” and “percussion,” fused to together to describe their musical style, yet making a play on words at the same time.  But that one missing “p” does it in. Ah, for want of a nail . . .

I found this endearing more than anything, but was equally impressed that it was grammatically correct.

If you look past the raised finger, you will see the lyrics to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” sprayed on a bridge pylon. Proof that cultural detritus penetrates farther and faster than cultural masterpieces.

Desperate for a hip, foreign name, the proprietor of this restaurant must have gone to the library looking for inspiration from architecture-themed book titles.  He chose poorly.

Horrific images come to mind every time I see that juxtaposition.

Salty Affogato should be the name of a Chicago South Side bareknuckle boxer and not something that you would consider putting in your mouth.

I miss a priceless picture from time to time, usually because I don’t have my phone or I’m passing in a bus or taxi.  The one I regret the most was the sign for a women’s plastic surgery clinic.  The tiny door read: “She’s Bits.”  Never a truer name.